studio fish

Studio Fish was incorporated as a limited company in spring 1994 by artists and creative specialists in communications, design, concept development, component and application programming, curating and fine art. It was an experimental organisation that spanned seven years and accomplished projects ranging from site specific multi-user art installations to mass produced CD-ROMs to pioneering educational web sites and gallery exhibits.

Founders / Directors: Julie Freeman , Jons Jones-Morris, Stewart Rainbow, Hannah Redler, (past directors: Nick Holden, Simon Bailey, Aldwyn Downer)

…on the arts:
Its mission was to promote creative thinking and practice within digital and electronic media culture in order to widen possibilities for human-machine interaction and stimulate society with socially relevant, informative and entertaining works of the highest quality.

…on bridging the third space between art and industry:
Studio Fish’s experience, expertise and enthusiasm allowed it to treat each project as a separate exploration of concept, content and communication. With the breadth of knowledge, collective skills and an Industry reputation, it was able able to offer a thoughtful, informed and disciplined approach that located it at the forefront digital media culture.

…on the commercial sector:
Its commercial remit was to deliver software products within such markets as, lifestyle, business to business and product awareness / marketing, aiming to expand the scope of every project and exceed expectations. Studio Fish was the digital standpoint that induced intelligent communications through conceptual coherence, delivering effectively in the face of todays techno-social connotations and in line with future business needs.

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