b) nanotextures

HearIMPROV was an experimental audiovisual concert which visualised sound, and targeted people interested in improvisation, audiovisual media, and more specifically, people with hearing difficulties. Adinda van ‘t Klooster invited 3 artists to create scores for improvisation musicians to play.

Translating Nature: B) Nanotextures (click to play) is an animated visual score that is an abstracted representation of a biological process derived from research into self-assembled nano-textures that could be used for stem cell sorting and the detection of pathogens. The score was created in Processing, a java-based programming environment.
With many thanks to Jeremy J Ramsden, Professor of Nanotechnology at Cranfield University.

Nanotexture still

At the concert held at The Sage Gateshead, a group of musicians from different backgrounds improvised to a range of visual scores rather than notated ones. The sound/music created was then visualised in a live spectrogram, especially commissioned by van ‘t Klooster for the performance. The spectrogram is responsive to different instruments, such as the brass instruments, voice and piano, shown by three different spectrograms which are overlapped in one image.

A spectrogram visualises all the simultaneous frequencies that are present in a sound. Much used in auditory neuroscience, the spectrogram shows pronounced patterns of the voice and is widely regarded as the most revealing visual display of speech. Speech therapists can read voice spectrograms much like musicians read notes and they use the spectrogram in teaching deaf people how to use their voice.

After the concert there was the opportunity to try out the spectrogram software which allows you to amplify or take out particular frequencies with direct audiovisual feedback.

Date: 17th October 2007. A DVD of the concert is available.
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HearIMPROV Poster

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