digital wave

The work was commissioned by Gestetner to launch an initiative to highlight the use of digital technology in creative practice and its impact on society. It was produced by Studio Fish.

Julie, Stewart Rainbow and Jonathan Jones-Morris concept developed through exploration of the processes and transformations within existing & future technologies, and biological systems, combined with ongoing research into human-computer interaction.

It is an interactive digital artwork, a look into spatial movement and energy flow. The work provides the framework for a journey to be undertaken by the viewer – digitally and physically. It is a hands-on work that encourages interaction via touch and sound, it is spatially dominant (over three metres high and 14 metres long) and denies dismissal.

28th October 1998 – launched at the Science Museum, London, UK
28th October 1998 – featured on Tomorrow’s World, BBC1
16th November 1998 – featured on Blue Peter, BBC1
24th – 28th November 1998 – Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London, UK
7th – 11th September 1999 – UMIST, Manchester, UK

Press Coverage
Tomorrow’s World (BBC1, adult audience, technology and science) (plus web site)
Blue Peter (BBC1, children’s audience) (plus web site)
Nick at the Weekend (Nickelodeon, children’s audience)
Blue Screen (Sky TV, adult audience, arts)
KCTV (cable channel, children’s audience)
Match Music (Italian TV, general audience)

Greater London Radio (adult arts programme)

The Independent
Time Out (Pick of the Week top 5)
Hot Tickets
The Evening Standard (plus web site,
The Express
What’s On In London
Printing World
Computer Arts
Entertainment News
Footloose in London
Business Info
Printwear & Promotion
London at Large
Business Weekly Eastern England

Winner of IPRA Golden World Award 1999 in Tokyo for The Communications Group

May 2000 – Showcased at the launch of the BAFTA Award for Interactive Arts

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