dogs’ ears

dogs’ ears: an ICA commission
dogs ears images

After 5 years Dogs Ears’ is off-line for the time being. Bit of PHP grooming and some de-worming required.

Playfully subversive, fun and thought provoking, Dogs’ Ears is a visually arresting online installation that explores the beauty and language of the dog ear.

Presented as a video chat website, where visitors can log in, browse dogs and instant message with them online, Dogs’ Ears spotlights both the human attraction to dogs and the future of arts patronage in the digital era.

Dogs’ Ears is free to browse. If users want to ‘live chat’ with a dog, then they will need to make a small donation – either to the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People – or direct to the artist to fund the next stage of the project.

Once the ‘conversation’ has started, each dog responds in its own language, whether it is an English ‘woof woof’, a Chinese ‘wang wang’, the Russian ‘gav gav’ or the universal twitch and flap.

If the online Art Patron financing scheme is successful, I’ll develop the work further; mapping the movement of the dogs’ ears and using the coordinates to compose music.

To meet the doggy cast and other randomness check the Dog Blog.




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