the time machine that is landscape

Four disciplines, four interpretations, one place.
The sensorial delight of the Cornish landscape was brought to London by four artists in an uniquely immersive experience. This multi-disciplinary exhibition combines painting, digital sonic and video footage simultaneously created in the same spot.

In the exhibition, Julie Freeman’s exquisite momentary recordings are embedded within and around Robert Clarke’s paintings, while Stewart Rainbow’s video is projected in a slow moving panning scan across the walls, intersecting with the paintings periodically – bringing together sound, video and paint in unison. Karen McCarthy’s haiku’s dot the walls and intensify the remotely re-enacted atmosphere. Her poems another interpretation of the changing landscape.

Sound excerpt – Cornish Rain on giant rhubarb leaves

For more information check the site: timemachine

Shown at The Curator’s Space, 47 Great Eastern Street, London from 15 December to 23 January 2006

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