Digital Wave


How might we connect with ‘intangible’ digital technologies in ways we understand and can touch? Digital Wave is a large-scale interactive digital installation examining spatial movement and energy flow in a hands-on, interactive artwork measuring 3 x 14 metres. It is a manifestation of the processes and transformations within environmental systems – such as waves and rainfall – and in existing and future technologies. The journey begins as the system grabs a digital photograph of the viewer, then projects it in a series of computerised filters down the wave-shaped structure. As the viewer follows their digital self down the structure, they can tap the wave to release a pixel rain to flow over the images. A unique colour print of the digital journey is generated, offering a tangible memento of the experience.

Digital Wave was featured on BBC1 TV: Tomorrow’s World and Blue Peter.


1999 UMIST, Manchester, UK

1998 Science Museum, London, UK

1998 Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK


The Communication Group Plc


Commissioned by Gestetner


In collaboration with Stewart Rainbow and Jonathan Jones-Morris as Studio Fish. With thanks to Emma Quinn.