The Lake


Audio-visual installation with electronically tagged fish

A site-specific installation, and early data artwork using live real-time biological data. The Lake questions how data abstracts life and our environment, and how we use technology to connect with living things. Installed by the lakeside at Tingrith Fishery, Bedfordshire, the piece uses hydrophones, custom software and an array of computers to track and gather real-time data from 16 electronically tagged freshwater fish in the lake. Visitors to Tingrith Fishery listened to the soundscape created by the data being generated from the fishes' motion, whilst watching an animated representation of what was happening underwater.

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2009 MediaArtLab Center for Art and Culture, Moscow, Russia

2009 The National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad, Russia

2008 Arts Bioethics Network, Rijeka, Croatia

2008 FILE, Rio, Brazil

2007 FILE, Sao Paulo, Brazil

2006 Truman Brewery, London, UK

2005 Tingrith Fishery, Beds, UK


Art + Science Now! by Stephen Wilson (2010)

Evolution Haute Couture: Art and Science in the Post-Biological Age edited by Dmitry Bulatov (2009)


Tingrith Coarse Fishery


Created with the support of NESTA


David Muth, Alex Barclay, Bruno Broughton, Simon Chapelle, Ann Freeman, Ian Freeman, Hagop, David Hepworth,, Andy Huckle, Michela Ledwidge, Ian Alastair McNeil,, Emma Quinn, Stewart Rainbow, Hannah Redler, Grant Reid, Benedict Sheehan, Penny Sychrava, Stephen Wolff