In Particular


Nanoparticles are already in daily use, for example, enhancing the functionality of sun creams and sticking plasters. Meanwhile, work is underway to develop revolutionary, futuristic advances – such as tiny machines that can zip around our bloodstream killing viruses. But what is nanotechnology, and how might it be made understandable to a mainstream audience? We collaborated with Cranfield University Professor of Nanotechnology Jeremy J Ramsden to develop an installation and booklet featuring Nano Novels. These sixteen sets of stereo literature and imagery helped express and contextualize nanotechnology; the pairs of texts provide both a factual and metaphorical way into this complex subject. The supporting installation consisted of a series of graphic billboard posters installed as street art across the university campus.


2011 House of Lords, London, UK for the BioCentre event on nanotechnology)

2009 Cranfield University, UK


Co-ordinated by Happen


Supported a Wellcome Trust Arts Award


Jon Hambley, Professor Jeremy J Ramsden, others…