More Than Us


Live data-driven digital artwork

Exploring climate prediction as a game of chance and of skill, More Than Us offers us a glimpse of the astronomically huge dataspace we exist in. Two communities of colourful geometric shapes drawn, or ‘recycled’, from Suprematist paintings of the early 1900s, congregate, ebb and flow in response to historical and predictive climate catastrophe data sets. Both communities move randomly to find interesting places in data ‘landscapes’. Engaged in a game of chance, some navigate raw, unstructured data. Others exhibit a more purposeful behaviour as they are driven by patterns in the data which emerge from an artificial neural network. At the heart of the ever-changing composition, ‘splinters’ from the ‘data spine’ represent real-time digital transactions across the Hiscox businesses. More Than Us reminds us to think in a more-than-human way, and that even with sophisticated data, chance and randomness will always have a hand in our collective fate. More Than Us is on permanent display on a 13 x 3 metre LED ceiling at Hiscox headquarters in London.


On permanent display at Hiscox, 22 Bishopsgate, London.


Commissioned by Hiscox for the Hiscox Collection


Translating Nature

  • Julie Freeman
  • Jons Jones-Morris
  • Hannah Redler-Hawes
  • Holly Slingsby
  • Stephen Wolff

With many thanks to:

  • Adam Mitchell (Hiscox)
  • Alex Parsons (Hiscox)
  • Andy Bugg (Hiscox)
  • Chris Evans (Hiscox)
  • John Kozak
  • Jon Scott
  • Kylie O’Connor (Hiscox)
  • Laura Pemberton (Hiscox)
  • Oliver Marlow (Studio Tilt)
  • Peter Moss (Hiscox)
  • Thomas Wilkins (Hiscox)
  • Whitney Hintz (Hiscox)


  • The climate catastrophe data sets have been built using data from Hiscox partners RMS and Verisk
  • Hiscox data spine
  • em-DAT International Disasters database 1901 - 2022
  • NOAA sunrise and sunset calculations