We Need Us


What is the meaning of data beyond its value-laden content? We Need Us draws metadata from the activities of citizen science site Zooniverse’s million+ participants to create an ever-growing environment of sounds and animated forms. Unlike traditional data visualisation, which helps us understand and make sense of information from large data sets, We Need Us explores the unique properties of the data itself: its distinct, living qualities and particular characteristics, such as growth, velocity and fragility.




2019 Seasons of Media Arts, ZKM | Karlsruhe, Germany

2018 NEoN Festival, Dundee, UK

2016 Big Bang Data, Art/Science Museum, Singapore

2015 Big Bang Data, Somerset House, London, UK

2015 Right Here Right Now, The Lowry, Manchester, UK


2015 TED Truth and Dare, Vancouver, Canada

2014 TED Global Fellows, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Originally commissioned by The Space and the Open Data Institute in 2014, re-commissioned by NEoN (North East of North) in 2018 for the NEoN Digital Art Festival, with support from the Open Data Institute.


Hannah Redler, Gavin Baily, Stephen Wolff, Thijs Koerselman, Matt Jarvis, Harley-Jo Avery, Marcus Bointon, Gavin Starks.