Drawing by Numbers


Series of 5 software generated prints on aluminium, and accompanying interactive data visualisation workshop

Drawing by Numbers demonstrates the conversion process from an analogue life drawing to a digital drawing described in code. At a workshop at the Media Space in the Science Museum, London, participants could scan a recently completed life drawing for translation into a series of codes and images, and receive a printout. The work takes inspiration from the Universal Everything and You exhibit by Matt Pyke, which converts the human form into a reduced set of coordinates. In Universal Everything and You, points of a moving figure are displayed abstractly, leaving only movement to provide insight into the form it describes. Drawing by Numbers provides a static version of this. Key points create a crystalline, slightly three-dimensional representation of the figure in the original life drawing.


2014 Automatic Art, GV Art Gallery, London, UK


2014 Drawing by Numbers workshop at the Science Museum Lates, London, UK


Robert Devcic (GV Art), Fiona Parry (Science Museum, London)


Collaboration with Simon Emberton.